Feast Days Art Gallery

This is an amazing piece of art, which has been brilliantly drawn, is by Ryan (Year 3).  It is about Jesus telling Peter to cast his net over the opposite side of the boat and then he gets a net full of fish.  A fitting tribute to our St Peter’s celebration Ryan – thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Wow!  Look at all this fabulous Artwork to celebrate the Feast Days of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Peter & St Paul.  Miss Stapley and her children spent a pleasant afternoon making these ‘works of art’.  They have done a splendid job and I look forward to seeing what other art they produce.  Thank you for sharing these with us!

Reception children learnt all about the Feast day of St Peter and that he shares it with St Paul.  They looked at the keys on their uniform and then painted their own…. I have to say, they did a fantastic job!

Goodness me! These fabulous keys are a true ‘work of art’ and I love them! Islwyn (Year 6) and Mostyn (Year 3) have put a great deal of time and effort into creating them…and I’m so glad they did because the end result is simply stunning! The messages, which rhyme,  are so thoughtful as well.  Amazing work boys and thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Wow! Just look at this terrific terracotta plant pot that Louis (Year 5) has carefully painted.  Once he has sealed it, he will put the cactus he has bought in it.  Bravo Louis and thanks for sharing!

Aaron (Year 5) has created this amazing picture.  Can you spot the crosses on his shoulders? Brilliant Aaron – thanks for sharing!

Wow! I just love all the artwork this family produces…and they do something fantastic every week! This creation by Emma (Year 4) is the ‘Key to Heaven’ which is a symbol of St Peter. Look how carefully she has made it – complete with a ruby gemstone at the centre.  Simply stunning Emma! Thank you so much for sharing this with us….


…then Emma’s sister Eva has created this beautiful Sacred Heart of Jesus and selected all her favourite colours while carefully colouring it it.  It looks spectacular Eva – thanks for sharing!


Florence (Year R) has been busy creating again.  This week she has made this fantastic Sacred heart of Jesus, using multi-coloured Pom-poms, which looks totally awesome.  She is going to hang it in her bedroom.

Then Florence made this funky Narwhal card to give to a friend for their birthday. It looks like Florence had a lot of fun creating these – thanks for sharing them with us!

Wow!  The amazing Alana (Year 4) has been hard at work creating again!  This time she has created the Sacred Heart of Jesus, using a mixture of collage and painting.  I think it is truly stunning and a beautiful piece of art.  Thanks for sharing more of your art with us Alana – I’m sure you will continue to inspire others to ‘have a go’!

Just look at this incredible picture that Ben (Year 3) has drawn to celebrating the Feast Day of St Peter and St Paul. I absolutely love the detail he has put into his drawing. Great work Ben and thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Wow!  I think this heart that Emily has created is just beautiful.  As you can see, she has carefully woven it with different shades of pink so that the overall effect is amazing!  Well done Emily and thanks for sharing.

This fantastic piece of art has been created by Oliver (Year 5) and celebrates the life of St Peter.  This is what Tommy  told me: “I enjoyed to make up this art, I searched my house for keys. I found four perfect keys for my work.” I think it looks fab – thanks for sharing this with us!

Tommy (Year 4) has carefully drawn and coloured this brilliant picture, which depicts the life of St Pete,r who is the Patron Saint of Fisherman.  I am very impressed with how well it is drawn.  Bravo Oliver and thank you for sharing!

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