Monthly Archives: January, 2020

Year One – Teddy Bears

This term Year One are learning about toys – old and new. During our art lesson, Pufferfish class learnt about the history of the Teddy Bear and how it was named after the American President Theodore Roosevelt. The President, whose nickname was ‘Teddy’,  was on a bear shooting trip and was about to shoot a bear when he looked him in the eye and feeling sorry for him decided to spare his life. News of this spread around the world and the toy ‘Teddy’ bear was created.

The children studied  a variety of teddy bears, some over fifty years old! They felt them and discussed how to draw the fur on them.  The children experimented with chalk and pencil and then chose which one they preferred to draw their bear with.

They all look fabulous, but do you have a favourite?

Year 2 Space Rockets – Pop Art style

Year 2 are learning about SPACE this half term.  During their art lesson they learnt about Andy Warhol and Pop Art.  Then they created colourful rockets in the style of pop art.  As they have also been learning about 2D shapes in their maths lessons, I challenged them to use 2D shapes to decorate their rockets.

The children created a colourful array of rockets that even Andy Warhol would be proud of!


Year 6 Greek Pottery

Year 6 have been learning about Ancient Greece.  During their art lessons they focused on Greek pottery.  They used terracotta clay to make their Greek pottery, which was then fired in the kiln at Oaklands.

After that, the children then painted them in the traditional colours of Ancient Greek pottery, terracotta and black.  The results, I’m sure you’ll agree, are very authentic.

Many thanks to Mr Forster, from Oaklands, for firing all the pottery for us.