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Year 5 WW2 – using art to express feelings and emotions associated with World War 2.

During our art lessons we have been looking at different aspects of WW2, as this links to their Topic work.  During this lesson we looked at the affect that music can have on our thoughts and emotions.  We listened to different pieces of music and had to select the colours it made us think of and do different mark making on our paper.  After that, we thought of different ways that we can use art to express feelings and emotions associated with World War 2. We discussed what theme of the War they may want to portray in their art work and also what medium they may use.

As you can see from the pictures below the children chose a wide variety of themes and art medium including collage, paint, pastels and charcoal.


This was a very thought provoking lesson and the children concentrated well and produced wonderful artwork.

Year 6 Dickensian London in the style of Lowry

The children in Year 6 have been learning about the British artist Lowry in their art lessons. We looked at his sketches and paintings and compared and contrasted some of his work.  We focused on the way he drew people and on his industrial scenes of Manchester.  They have also been studying Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens, in their English lessons.  I decided to set them the challenge of doing a picture of Dickensian London, in the style of Lowry.  The children worked on this over two lessons and were able to choose whichever art medium they wished, including watercolours, pencils and charcoal.

The children were very pleased with their pictures and so was I.


Year 2 – Chalk pastel Pumpkins

During our art lesson this week, we looked at pumpkins, as this links to the Year 2  food topic.  We had real pumpkins on each table and we explored the shape and colour of them. The children then had the opportunity to experiment with chalk pastels, blending and smudging them and mixing the different colours together to make new colours.

They then drew three different sized pumpkins and coloured them with hues of orange, blending red and yellow pastels. The children then coloured a night background and finally glued on their pumpkins.

The results are simply stunning!






Year 4 – Kangaroos. Winter scenes

During our art lessons, we looked at a selection of winter scenes painted by a variety of artists, including Monet and Hiroshige.  The children then  selected and mixed the correct colours of paint to create a winter scene, using brushes and sponges to create texture.  Finally, they selected their own medium, from black paper, oil pastels, paint and black pens to add detail and silhouettes to their picture.

The children were very pleased with the results, as was I, and I’m sure you will be too!

Year 3 – Hippos Stone circles

During their art lesson this week the children looked at a variety of stone circles, including Stonehenge and Stanton Drew and then designed their own.  The children worked in groups and drew a bird’s eye view of their stone circles before making them, using real stones.  They had to give their stone circle a name and say why it was created.

The groups worked well together and came up with some very original names.


Year 5 – WW2 aircraft

During their art lesson this week Year 5  studied  World War 2 aircrafts to improve their pencil and sketching skills.

They used the grid sketching technique to help them with the correct proportions of their aircraft.  The children then practised their shading skills used a variety of pencils and some even used charcoal.  The children found this very challenging to start with, but they persevered and produce some wonderful work.

Year One Pufferfish – Dream Catchers

During our art lessons  we have been exploring art and nature.  This week we were learning the myths about Dream Catchers before creating our own.

First the children weaved the wool through the holes in their paper plate and then threaded the beads on.  We found this very fiddly and challenging but we persevered. Finally we threaded leaves onto our Dream Catcher and glued on a couple of feathers.

The children were very proud of their Dream Catchers and looking at the photos you can see why.  Well done Year One.


Year 2 Food Glorious Food

During our art lessons, Year 2 have been exploring food.  We have done observational drawings and then we made food out of modelling clay before painting it.

This was the first stage, we manipulated the clay with our hands and shaped it into our favourite food.



After that we painted our food, using acrylic paint.

The children thoroughly enjoyed doing this art project and the results are amazing.

Year 3 Hippos Art: Fossils

Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age in their Topic and art lessons.  For this art lesson we learnt how fossils are formed. The children then  drew an animal fossil, selecting the correct pencil for fine detail.

After that,  the children then created their animal fossils using clay.  The children concentrated so well throughout the lesson and as you can see the  results are quite stunning!

Year 1 Pufferfish Art: Leaf animals

The children in Pufferfish class have been learning about art in nature. First they looked at the leaves and then selected the right ones to make their leaf animals

 Cohen made a  Leaf Turtle by carefully cutting the leaves and then arranging them to make sure they fitted before glueing them and adding eyes.

Alex and Mrs Cass worked together to create a  Leaf Dinosaur. 


  A Leaf Rabbit                                         A Leaf Horse.

A Leaf Bird.