Art Gallery

On this page I will be sharing all the art that the children have done at home, that is not part of the work I set.

These two sisters always produce fab artwork.  As you can see Alana has made this amazing ice-cream that opens out to a huge mouth…very clever!


Llama drama!  Look at this lovely Llama that Alana has created…there is a poem in these words I’m sure! It is clear to see that Alana has put in a great deal of time and patience to create this masterpiece and her family are rightly proud of her commitment to complete it Well done Alana on a fantastic achievement.


Meanwhile her sister Amelia has been keeping herself busy, creating works of art on her own.  

This is her very own volcano, which is very well made…

Then she has done done some sponge painting…which I just love!


Year 2 Polar Bears in the style of Ted Harrison

Congratulations to Cezara for creating this mesmerising polar bear landscape, complete with one of the cutest polar bears I have seen.  Fantastic work Cezara!

Now, the artist responsible for this lovely landscape is Ava.  I just love the way that some of the colours shimmer in the light. Thanks for sharing this with us Ava.

Oh my goodness!  This polar bear landscape that Ellie has created is just superb.  I love her choice of colours and her brilliant polar bear. Excellent work Ellie!

I just love the way that Bethany has created her landscape, using metallic paint and her polar bear looks so cute.  Thanks for sharing this with us Bethany.

Wow! Just look at this spectacular Polar Bear landscape that Cohen has created.  It’s huge!  What a fantastic job you have made of it Cohen…well done!

Oh my goodness! Look at this brilliant polar bear by Neve. I  think it is just perfect! 

Year 6 Martin Luther King JR

I worked with such a talented bunch of children this morning and the artwork speaks for itself. They were so respectful of the plight of the American people and this came through in their art….Thank you Year 6, I had a marvellous morning with you.


Wow I’m really impressed by this portrait of MLK by Logan….simply stunning!


Oh my goodness!  This masterpiece has been created by Robert and I have to say it took my breath away!

The words and picture are extremely powerful…thank you for sharing this with us Roberta.


Reception …The Aliens are coming!

The Reception children are learning about SPACE and are creating their own aliens.  This is the aliens that we made in school today. They all look fantastic…why don’t you have a go?

PLANT ART Year 3 Observational drawings of Leaves

Wow! I think these leaf drawings and Venus fly trap drawing by Matthew are just superb.  It is evident that he really took his time and as a result has made a fantastic detailed job.  Brilliant Matthew!

I love the way that Darcy drew half the leaf from memory and half looking at it really closely.  I can see so much detail in the one she studied closely. Great work Darcy!

It is clear to me that Eva looked very closely as she drew the bottom flower.  There is an incredible amount of detail in it.  Very well done Eva!

Jonathan has used his felt tips to draw his leaf and I think it looks fab!

I just love the colours that Joshua has used on this leaf and how detailed the bottom one is.  Great work Joshua!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Look at this beautiful observational drawing by Jamie.  I can clearly see that he has taken a great deal of time to create this masterpiece!  Itis also evident that he really looked carefully at the plant as he was drawing it.  Well done Jamie! 

Thank you Frankie, for sharing these leaf drawings with us.  They are fantastic!

Oh my goodness I just love these two drawings of leaves by Olivia.  This clearly demonstrates how important it is to look at what you are drawing, as the leaf on the right is so much more detailed. Well done Olivia and thank you for sharing!

These impressive observation drawings have been done by Sasha and I can see that he has really taken his time.  I especially like the way that he has written an explanation of his work. Thanks for sharing this Sasha!


These amazing leaves have been drawn by Matilda and they are very detailed. I love the way that she has cut them out, as it makes them even more realistic!

What a brilliant job Luke has done on his leaf drawings.  It is clear that he has really taking his time to  produce  these amazing observational ‘works of art‘!

Well done Dexie for your fantastic leaf drawings


Wow!  The children in school worked really well this lesson and carefully made observational drawings of their leaves.  Everyone in class agreed that the closer you look at what you are drawing then the more accurate it will be.  Have a look at their wonderful drawings.

and these were our artists of the day

 Varsha and Grace 

Year 5 Pop Art inspired Space Art

I really love this space scene that Emily has created.  The colours are so vivid and the rocket is just brilliant.  Thanks for doing an amazing job Emily!

Wow!  What a truly magnificent rocket that Riya has created.  It really looks like it is in flight… I wonder where it is going? Thanks  for sharing this with us.

Georgia has created this amazing alien…who looks rather friendly.

Wow! Look at this sensational space picture that Grace has created….It truly is in the style of Andy Warhol!

Well done to Calin for creating this superb space scene.  I particularly like the shadowing…Please tell me though…do we create shadows on the moon?  I really don’t know?

This is what the children in school created during their art lesson.  They hope it inspires you to have a go!

Oliver was our artist of the day with this stunning piece…

Why don’t you have a go?

Year 4 Tin Foil People Art Gallery

Wow! I love this imaginative ‘Space Frog’ created by Edie….it’s super cool.

Just look at Finlay’s Tin Foil man…I think he is superb.  Thanks for sharing this with us!

Wow! Mostyn has created this terrific tin foil person in action poses.  Great work Mostyn!

The children who were in school made their tin foil people too! They did drawings first and then made their tin foil person and put it in an action pose.  As an extension activity, they stuck their person on their book (using blue-tac) and drew their shadow. 

I think they all look fantastic!

Introducing Bob!…The fantastic tin foil person created by Ben.  As you can see, one of Bob’s interests is Lego and I think he has a real talent for it, just as Ben has a talent for creating sculptures out of tin foil! Thanks for sharing this with us Ben.

Wow!  What a great start to our art project…. Tin Foil people.  As you can see, Hope has put in a great deal of effort into creating her tin foil person.

This is what her mum said “Hope posed her model and followed the YouTube tutorial but wasn’t happy with her model so we talked about how we could make it better and made a few minor adjustments…..

…..Hope then re positioned it and added hair but still wasn’t happy so made a new one. This one is with hair and a tutu!”

What a wonderful pose Hope and congratulations for perservering – I think they look fantastic.  Thank you so much for sharing these terrific tin foil action people with us, I’m sure you will inspire others to have a go!





Hip Hip Hooray… I love your ART!

Well, here we are with another Lockdown.  I am so excited because once again I am going to be receiving lots of your fabulous art, as well as hearing your news!

I will be setting Year Group Art activities, during your usual Art PPA session. They will be sent to your teachers who will explain them to you.  However, any questions and queries  you may have  please email me directly, as your class teacher will be dealing with lots of other things.

My email address is:

Just like the previous Lockdown, if the activity I have set doesn’t appeal to you then just do another piece of art  and send that to me. From collage to painting or printing to sculptures I just love seeing how creative you can be.  Also, if you do the artwork set and then you do another piece of art then please send that to me too! 

I will be keeping a list of the children that produce art for the Blog and there will be prizes and cerificates awarded to those who consistently send work to brighten up the Blog.  I will also have an artist of the week in each Year Group.

Lastly, if you have any ideas or suggestions for art activities that you think your Year Group may enjoy, please let me know….at the usual email address

That’s all for now =…..KEEP CREATING!

Mrs Pearson


Art during the Autumn Term

We have had a very busy start to our art lessons and  we wanted to share with you what each Year group have been up to: 

Reception Class

During the month of October, the children learnt about Mary, the mother of Jesus.  They then looked at a portatrait of Mary and drew a portrait of their mummy.  Their artwork is displayed in the hall to commemorate October being the month of Mary.

Year One 

Year One have been learning about their favourite colour and also about the primary colours – red, yellow and blue.  They learnt about  the artist Piet Mondrian and created their own piece of art based on his work.  While creating their masterpieces they also listened to ‘Boogie woogie’ music. Their magnificent artwork is displayed in the hall.



The children then learnt about the season of Autumn and about the changes in nature that we see during this beautiful, colourful season.  They then created an animal using leaves that had been collect around the school grounds.

Year 2

The children have beening learning about portraits and why they were so important in the past.  They also explored different mark making techniques, which will be useful when they come to draw their own self portraits later this term.

Mrs Porter then asked if the children would help create a display for the Library.  She wanted the children to create a firework display, linked to the book ‘The firework maker’s daughter.  The children made 2D and 3D fireworks using 2D and 3D shapes.


Year 3

We have been learing about Indian art.  The children learnt about the Indian festival of Hastimangala before creating the own 3D elephant.  

Trinty and Alfin’s elephants made it onto Mr Cunninghams WOW Work board – congratulations!

They then learnt about the importance of henna tattooing in the Indian culture and made their own henna designs for feet and hands.

Year 4

The children have been jewllery designers this term and created a dazzling array of jewllery using a variety of media from clay to paper plates!  They even made their own necklaces using paper beads that they carefully constructed. 

Year 5

We have been learning about Street Art and giving some very vocal opinions about it.  We discussed if it is always ugly and illegal or if there are times when it can be thought provoking and even enhance areas.  The children practsed different stylised writing, using letters and  colours which were eye catching.


Year  6

We have been focusing on Chinese Art this term and have looked at different brush strokes to ensure  we produce clean lines, as this has important significance in Chinese art.  We learnt about the ‘Four Gentlemen’ of Chinese art and had a go at creating our own artwork based on this these techniques.

Then we attempted Chinese calligraphy.  We learnt that this can take years to master, but as you can see Year 6 did really well with their first go!



Christmas Designs

Christmas  Designs

There has been an air of Christmas around the school during the past two weeks.  All the children have been very busy,  creating a Christmas design that can be turned in to cards, key rings, fridge magnet, gift tags and even wrapping paper!  I have seen the products and they are of an extremly high quaility.

The children all worked extremely hard and we even played Christmas music to get us into the festive spirit, even if, alas, there was no singing.  Now that the children have done their part it’s now over to you! 

If you would like to order any of the aforementioned items then please fill out the form on the back of your child’s deisgn. Kindly note the following:

  • Please ensure that you fill in your child’s name, exactly as you would like it to appear on the design.
  • Please can you put an X in the box to indicate the top of the design. I did do some, but time constraints meant I didn’t do them all, so if you could just double check then that would be fab – thanks.
  • You may see on the form that it says Does not work well: anything stuck to the paper….. I phoned and spoke to IQ cards before starting the cards, just to clarify and they are referring to cotton wool, googly eyes, glitter etc and NOT piece of card and paper.  I just wated to clear that up incase you read that and thought your child’s fabulous design may be ‘rejected’ at the printing stage!  I hope that puts your minds at rest.

Remember that ALL orders have to be received by FRIDAY 16th OCTOBER and your child’s design MUST be returned to their class teacher.  

A huge thanks to the Friends of St Peter’s for organising this event, as the funds raised benefit all our children at St Peter’s.

In other exciting news……

One design will be chosen for our school Christmas card and one design will be chosen, by Father Jeremy, to be sold at Sacred Heart Church.