Global Art Passport – USA and Canada – Year 2 Bison paintings

Global Art Passport – USA and Canada – Year One Bald Eagles



Global Art Passport – USA and Canada – Reception Gee’s Bend Alabama Quilt




Our Remembrance project this year centred around large poppies, created from the bottoms of plastic drinks bottles.  Year 6 painted them, with acrylic paints, while listen to WW1 music. The children also painted commemorative stones and some even wrote their own  war poems.

May I extend my thanks and gratitude to all the families who collected the bottles and to the lovely ladies who volunteered to help cut and shape the poppies prior to the children painting them.  We couldn’t have done this project without this ‘team effort’.

Please note that we are doing our best to use all our resources as responsibly as possible.  With that in mind, our Reception teachers have taken the top section of the bottles and are going to make an eco-greenhouse for their outdoor learning environment.


Their artwork will be display in our Prayer garden at school and also outside Co-op Funeral Care in Cowplain.

This was their write up:

Cowplain Remembrance Window – Honouring our fallen servicemen 

Once again, our local school, St Peter’s Catholic School in Waterlooville, has supported us with our wonderful Remembrance display. 

The children from year 6 have created the beautiful poppies that we have cascading down on the outside of the window. 

Out of lots of small crosses the children have also created this wonderful large cross, which looks so poignant and so effective. 

During the Blitz, 930 people were killed in Portsmouth, 2,837 were injured and over 6,000 properties were destroyed. 

The children decided that it would be a lovely idea to make memory stones for each person that lost their life in Portsmouth during the Blitz. 

They have painstakingly painted 930 stones and will be coming along to the Cowplain branch on Wednesday 10th at 11 o’clock with their headmaster, Mr Cunningham to hand out their memory stones to the community in Cowplain.  

Also, some of the children have written their own Remembrance poems, which have been made into scrolls ready for them to hand out with their memory stones on Wednesday. 

Remembrance Day gives people the chance to remember those who fought and lost their lives during the war and to honour their memory.  It makes sure that we never forget the past, and those who died didn’t die in vain.  

With fewer and fewer living survivors, it’s even more important than ever to remember the sacrifice’s these people made for our country.  Teaching our children about the importance of Remembrance Day will keep the memories of these soldiers and brave individuals alive now and in the future. 

I would like to personally thank Mrs Pearson, St Peters art teacher, for all her support in organising and creating such a wonderful display. 

Lastly a massive THANK YOU to all of the children in year 6 and to their headmaster Mr Cunningham for his support. 

Jackie Duthie and Lesley Alison

Funeral Co-ordinators

Global Art Passport

This Autumn Term we have launched our GLOBAL ART PASSPORT.

Your children will have the opportunity to travel around the world, from the comfort of St Peter’s school,  and learn to appreciate the art and culture from different regions.  This exciting curriculum allows every Year group, from Reception to Year 6, to travel to the same destination and learn a range of art skills specific to their Year group.  Year Three started our journey by completing the World map….


Year 2 Andy Goldsworthy

The children created these stunning masterpieces, in the style of Andy Goldsworthy, using only natural materials.

Sea Angling Classic poster design competition

The children took part in this competition, which celebrates fishing responsibly, while also thinking about conservation of the seas and beaches.  

Here are a selection of the posters chosen to go onto the Sea Angling website, where people could vote for their favourite poster.



These are the four winning designs, chosen by St Peter’s:





These are the posters that polled the most amount of votes on the Sea Angling website!





Huge congratualtions to them and everyone else who took part.


Year 5 ….a piece of cake!

Artist Wayne Thiebaud’s iconic cake paintings sparked our Year 5’s  interests! Our classroom
was transformed into a bakery! They
drew a cake that looked 3D and then coloured the cake’s
outline with bright oil pastels. The children then  “frosted” their
cake with paint that was thickly applied with a plastic knife. They couldn’t believe how much the paint’s texture
looked like real frosting!

Yum! Yum!

Year 4 citrus slices

The children did observational drawings and paintings of slices of citrus fruit.  Not only did the art work turn out to be amazing, but the classroom smelled delightful too!

Year 6 Romero Crosses

In Year 6, at St Peter’s, we have been learning about Archbishop Oscar Romero. He worked in El Salvador. He spoke out against poverty and social injustice in the country. He spoke up for people who were getting no help or who could not speak up for themselves. He told the world about the terrible things that were happening in the country. He even went to Rome to tell the Pope.

In his sermon on 23 March 1980, Romero ordered the army to stop killing people: “In the name of God, and in the name of this suffering people whose cries rise to heaven more loudly each day, I beg you, I implore you, I order you, in the name of God, stop the repression!” The next day, a shot killed Romero as he said Mass. A UN report later found that Major Roberto D’Aubuisson, had ordered Romero’s death. Thousands came to the funeral.

The Year 6 children created their Romero crosses thinking about their life at St Peter’s, their new secondary school, their families and the church community.

Each cross is unique to the child who created it.

These crosses will be a gift to St Peter’s, from the Year 6 children, as a way of giving thanks for all they have learnt, while being pupils there.

The crosses will be blessed at the Year 6 Leavers Mass and will then be distributed among the classes at St Peter’s, for them to use in their class worship and liturgies.

“Walking hand in hand with God to make our world a better place”

Here are just a  small sample of the amazing crosses the children made.  Each one has been  carefully and thoughtfully crafted. 

Thank you Year 6, what a wonderful gift to our school…we will cherish them!