A plastic revolution continues …

In English this week we have been writing, editing and improving our final letters to enable the children to write persuasively on the issue of excess plastic waste in our oceans. The children have devised passionate and eloquent arguments to support their viewpoints as to why the Prime Minister, President Trump and global organisations such as Pepsi and Amazon should take global responsibility for ensuring that one-use plastic is reduced and more recyclable plastics are developed. We have been in awe at how the children have developed their stewardship voice and are becoming more politically aware of national and global issues concerning this matter. Once the letters are published, we will send them to their addressees.
Our trip to the House of Parliament in June will enrich their understanding of how laws are debated and created and hopefully inspire some future political voices to emerge.

In Maths, we have completed our last round of practise papers to inform us of what needs the children will be focusing on in the run up to our May assessments. We have been very impressed at the children’s focus and resilience in these tests – a fantastic learning attitude helps to reap the reward of progress.

RE saw the children ‘examine their conscience’ about forgiveness and through their Lenten promises have thought about how they will ‘reflect’ on their actions during this lent period. We also used scripture to examine the beatitudes and the children created their own versions for modern day life.

Creative tasks have been sent home for the children’s consideration and homework diaries are checked weekly on Monday to see what Maths, Reading and Spelling home learning has been completed. Please ensure that these diaries are in weekly.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 6 Team

What’s the matter with plastic?

Welcome back to the beginning of a new term which will take us right up to Good Friday!

This week in English we began to discover the worrying facts and figures regarding the global problem of plastic pollution. Did you know that eight thousand millions tonnes of plastic enter the environment each year, or that there is enough plastic to fill fifteen plastic bags per metre of coastline – the whole way around the Earth?! With all this information and more, pupils have formed campaign teams with a particular objective in mind. Next week we will gather facts to support their cases and develop strategies to help bring about the change they want. MP’s and global companies should be prepared to hear from us!

In maths we discovered the usefulness of ratio in scaling up quantities to suit our needs. We were then able to apply ratio when investigating the relationship between
radius, diameter and circumference of circles – this came out as 1:2 for radius and diameter, and roughly 1:3 for diameter and circumference (pi = 3.142)

RE saw the beginning of our Lent unit. We started by watching a film adaptation of the story of The Rich Man and Lazarus and then read the scripture. This led to a discussion around whether it is possible to be rich and good which culminated with an analysis of the philanthropic works of Bill Gates and others. Children identified how they could do more good to make the lives of others in the world better.

Have a cosy weekend

The Year 6 Team

Happy Holidays!

Our final week of the half term saw the children completing their ‘spooky’ short stories for the Year 4 children to read at their camping night in the summer term. After editing and improving initial drafts, the children began to publish their final versions. We will complete publishing these stories after half term before starting our next English unit concerning the current environmental issue of plastic waste affecting our planet. The children have already been considering their ‘plastic footprint’ and making a promise to reduce their use of plastic to help the environment.

Thank you for your support in helping the children practise their performance poetry. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons saw their fantastic final performances and we were amazed at how the children were able to recite quite long poems with expression, humour and actions. Even though some children found performing in front of others quite daunting, they showed great resilience and effort. This will have a positive impact on their growing confidence and will be remembered as a personal achievement. Three children have been picked to represent Year 6 in the Grand Final on Friday 9th March- Well done to Joanna Lopez De Sousa, Saoirse Lehane and Tom Gozukucuk.

Lent begins in earnest on our return to school and the children have been given Lent passports to sign at church. Thank you for supporting them in this important time.

Friday afternoon saw the Year 6  children partnering up with the Reception children to complete their painting contribution to the whole school art project that Mrs Pearson is organising. Great fun was had by all and the Year 6 children really enjoy the responsibility of helping the younger children.

Friday also saw the children saying goodbye to Miss Burch who has been in Year 6 since the Autumn term. She has been a valued addition to the Year 6 team and we wish her well in the next stage of her teaching career.

Wishing you a happy half term holiday and we look forward to seeing the children again on Monday 19th February.

Year 6 Team

S.T.E.M. Confetti Challenge

Another busy week in Year 6 finished with our second S.T.E.M. day – The Confetti Challenge! Pupils were asked to apply their knowledge of circuits to design and build a device that would ‘hoover-up’ all of the confetti left over after an end of term party. Using only a left over plastic bottle, a motor, batteries, wires and card, many ingenious contraptions were developed along the lines of a reversed hair dryer design. We learnt that the most successful models had fan blades that pulled the air through the bottle; three groups managed to lift confetti off the carpet! All children showed real enthusiasm and a great deal of resilience during the day. Their evaluation of what went well and how they can improve will definately benefit them when S.T.E.M. comes around again!

Talking of resilience and enthusiasm, we were extremely impressed with the way the Year 6 pupils approached their maths assessments this week. The hard work we have been putting in to arithmetic strategies is definately paying off with the majority of children achieving their best scores yet!

Many thanks to all parents who attended the recent SATs information evening; we hope you found it useful. Your child should have brought home their login for the strangely named but brilliantly useful ‘Compare4Kids’ website which will enable them to practise their arithmetic, grammar and spelling through daily ‘bootcamps’.

If you were unable to attend the information evening, the Powerpoint presentation is here:

Friday 26th January 2018

Another busy  week with the children. In English, we have been continuing with our tension stories. The children have planned their own ‘spooky’ story, based on the stories we have been looking at over the last few weeks. They will begin to write this on Monday for the Year 4 children to read at their camping night later in the year.

In Maths, we continue to focus on developing accuracy and efficiency in Arithmetic as well as calculating percentages and solving problems using fractions and percentages. The children will continue to make links with fractions and percentages to decimals this week.

RE continues with our Revelations unit. The children have used the scripture and story to think about St Paul’s revelation on the road to Damascus and what we, as Christians, can learn from this encounter with God. This week, we will apply these lessons to our own lives and the wider communities and world.

On Tuesday at 10.20 in the school hall, Year 5 and 6 will be having a Mass. All are welcome and we hope to see as many of you as possible.

Monday 29th January – SAT’s Meeting from 5pm to 6pm in the school hall. We will be sharing with you all about what will happen during the week and how you can help your child to prepare for these assessments. We look forward to seeing you there.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 6 Team


The importance of a Growth Mindset

We are now well into the Spring Term and the children have quickly settled back into their learning. Having spent the autumn term consolidating and building on the skills developed in Year 5, the new year is all about applying these in a range of different and sometimes unfamiliar contexts. It can be difficult for children to remain positive when having to tackle unfamiliar problems; they may find it hard to accept when they get the wrong solution or their work has not turned out quite the way they wanted. This is where developing a positive growth mindset comes in.

On Monday 15th January we spent every lesson focusing on feeling positive about our learning, identifying our strengths and areas where we could improve and take our learning to the next level. We learnt how to rephrase our frustrations into a positive outlook. Instead of saying ‘I made a mistake!’ we said ‘Mistakes are proof that I am trying!’. Instead of saying, ‘I can’t do it!’ we said, ‘I can’t do it – yet!’ We finished the day by identifying each others’ personal skills and qualities and then thinking about our ambitions and aspirations for the future.

In maths we completed our work on geometry and angles in shapes – pupils showed great confidence in tackling a wide range of non-routine problems. Our next unit is percentages so please do ask children what the reduced prices will be if you do take part in some late sale shopping. In English we have read a range of spooky stories to help us write effective campfire stories for the Year 4 camping night. Using their tension toolkits, children have already written some gripping tales as part of their learning.

Our RE journey has now moved into Revelations. This has involved reading scripture from Acts regarding the conversion of Saul. Children then created a ‘wanted’ poster to illustrate their understanding of Saul’s acts prior to his visit from Ananias.

You should have received a slip detailing the ‘creative homework tasks’. These all link with our scary story writing and study of electricity in science. We are looking forward to sharing the children’s work after the spring half-term.
Other daily homework tasks are as follows:

Reading – 15 mins a day. Focus on reading speed AND understanding of what has been read. Try and read a range of books.

Maths – We are sending marked arithmetic tests home every week. It would be useful to focus on a particular type of question children have struggled with. We will of course be covering these in daily arithmetic sessions too.

Spelling – we would like children to keep working on the Year3/4 and 5/6 spelling lists in addition to the spellings that are sent home weekly.

CGP Books – Please encourage your children to work through these books if you purchased them following our last parents evening. If you would like to order some for your child, please contact school reception.

We will be beginning additional booster lessons for maths and reading from Monday 29th January. Most of these will take place during the school day, however there are a couple of arithmetic booster groups that will begin at 8:30am. You will recieve a letter next week if your child has been identified as benefitting from this extra support.

Many thanks for your continued support,

The Year 6 Team

S.T.E.M excitement

Year 6 ended this week with an exciting launch of our S.T.E.M days. This is a whole school opportunity for the children to go deeper with their learning in Science by making links to Technology, Engineering and Maths. Year 6 had a fabulous day exploring, designing and making bridges using their scientific knowledge of materials and forces, using maths to calculate scale and distance and their engineering skils to create a structure for strength and support.

Next week sees the start of Advent and we are looking forward to our whole school Advent Mass on Tuesday at 10.20am at Sacred Heart Church. We can’t wait to see you there.

English sees us continue with writing monologues and Maths continues with our fraction work – focusing on using the four operations to calculate with different fractions and applying them to problems.

A big thank you for the home learning books that the children are bring in. The homework is of a high standards and the children are enjoying sharing it with us and their classmates. Can we please remind you to encourage the children to  complete their homework diary each day with the Sumdog, reading and maths homework that they are undertaking.

Have a lovely week,

The Year 6 Team.


Hail Mary!

The highlight of our week has to be the Year 5/6 mass at Sacred Heart on Tuesday. With the theme being ‘prayer’, Year 6 put smiles on many faces with their Sister Act inspired rendition of Salve Regina. In fact it was so well received, Father Jeremy requested a repeat rendition to close the service. Thank you to all those who gave their assistance to walk the children safely to and from the church, and to all who attended the service.

Many thanks also to parents who supported their children by meeting with their teacher at our parents’ evenings. It was lovely to meet you all and we are looking forward to continuing to support and challenge our pupils over the coming term.

Maths lessons have focused on fractions this week, moving from simplifying to ordering using a common denominator. Children are growing in confidence in their explanations of this sometimes tricky concept.

In English we have been examining different character viewpoints using the painting ‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’ from 1768 (Google it). It was great fun discussing pupil ideas from looking at a section of the painting and then revealing the whole scene. From this, we created interesting dialogue and have begun planning a monologue for the whole scene from a chosen character’s perspective.

Another busy week then and we have more to look forward to in the coming week, which culminates in a STEM (science, technology, English and maths) investigation day on Friday.

All the best,

The Year 6 Team

Remembrance Week

Dear all,

This week saw the children exploring war poetry and poetic devices in order to create their own remembrance poem.  We were amazed at how the children took on the task in such a short time to explore messages and emotions that they wanted to convey about war and remembering the fallen soldiers that gave their lives for the freedom of others. Both classes have created a memorial book of their work that will be offered at the Remembrance Assembly on Monday morning.

In Maths we started work on developing fraction and decimal knowledge for year 6. We will be completing a series of assessments next week to enable us to pin-point the next steps in the children’s learning.

In RE, we continue our work with Prayers, Saints and Feasts and look at the role of Saints within the Catholic faith. A reminder about the Year 5/6 Mass – Tuesday 21st November in the Sacred Heart Church at 10.20am. If there are any parents that can walk to the Church with the children, then please let the office or class teachers know of your availability.

The week ended well with a visit from authors – The Two Steves. The children enjoyed a fun-packed performance in the morning and then a writing workshop in the afternoon. We will be applying their story writing advice on Monday when the children have a go at writing a ghost-type story in preparation for our next unit of English.

Enjoy your week.

The Year 6 Team

Refreshed and ready for the new term!

It was lovely to welcome the children back to school feeling refreshed – we were all ready for half-term following the enjoyable but tiring Stubbington trip.

We have spent the week completing, editing and improving our non-chronological reports on some extremely original and quite gruesome bugs. Would you like to be confronted by a tarantuscorp? The children have applied their understanding of the features of this form of writing to include a range of generalisers, relative clauses and topical language. We may have the next Sir David Attenborough in our ranks!

Our maths learning has continued to focus on efficient methods of multiplying large numbers together. Maybe you could ask your child to do the calculations next time you reach for a calculator at home? We finished the week applying our learning to solve some quite comlex area problems with a few red herrings thrown in for good measure.

We are now studying Prayers, Saints and Feasts in RE, with a particular focus on Mary. Our first lesson investigated the many different titles that she has been given and a discussion of what these told us about her and her importance. We have since been learning the prayer ‘Salve Regina’ which was immortalised in the film ‘Sister Act’. Our hope is to give a showstopping performance at the Year 5 and 6 Mass.

Throughout the week the pupils have completed an assessment of the 100 Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings, the results of which have been shared and should have come home. We would be grateful if parents and carers could spend a little time each week testing children on the words they have highlighted. Please also encourage them to use Sumdog to improve their maths recall and to read daily.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 6 Team