Week Two

This week we have been continuing to look at Place Value, in particular looking at representing numbers in different ways and placing them on number lines.

In English, we are continuing to immerse ourselves in The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, in particular looking at powerful language and creating interesting sentences by varying the sentence opener.

In RE we looked at the story of Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat and thought about the message that we should respect all of God’s creations as He made us all.

In PE this week we have been continuing with our robot dances in groups, imagining that we are part of a production line making cars.

In Computing we made Robot Emotion Machines and wrote code for simulating different emotional responses from our robots.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to practice our spellings ending in -ure:







Team 4 :)


Welcome back!

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer and we welcome our new Kangaroos and Koalas warmly to the new school year!

We’re hitting the ground running in Year 4, kicking off the year with our topic ‘Rise of the Robots’. This topic links English (we’ve begun reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes), Science (where we’ve been exploring how to make a bulb light in a circuit) and PE (creating dances where we move like robots). Later in the half-term we’ll also be looking at programming in ICT and mechanical systems in DT.

In maths this week we have been ensuring that we fully understand place value up to 10,000. We have been finding one thousand more and one thousand less than a given number and have had all sorts of interesting discussions about how we know if numbers are odd or even and how a thousand is the same as ten hundreds.

This year, we have new Homework Diaries. To familiarise yourself  with its contents, please work through the first ten and final three pages with your children. This is the only homework this week, although any reading, spelling, times tables and online maths you can do will be greatly beneficial. We will set further homework in the coming weeks.

Wishing you a restful weekend.

Team 4.

Happy campers!

This year, the children have been working really hard learning how to successfully edit and improve their own work. They got to show off these skills this week when editing and publishing their non-chronological reports in our English lessons.

In maths, we thought about when in our lives we would need to be able to read a timetable (School, to catch public transport, for our camping experience!) and we applied our time skills to help us read timetables and find the duration of events using a number line.

On Friday, the children spent all day in their new classes – we hope they had a great transition day and got to know their new teachers a little better – we certainly enjoyed our time with our new classes and are looking forward to next year.

Last but definitely not least, it was our Year 4 camping experience Friday night. All children and staff involved had a fantastic night camping on the school field. They did team building, scavenger hunts, nature art and den building as well as having free time to spend in their tents, with their friends and playing sport. After all that fun, we had some down time, singing songs and toasting marshmallows before a bed time story. Thank you to everyone who lent us a tent, to the staff who gave up their Friday evening and to the children for being so well behaved and really embracing the camping lifestyle – we had a super time and the winners of the ‘Best kept’ tent award will be announced shortly!

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Happy Friday!

Here we are at the end of another week – we don’t know where the time is going!

This week in Year 4, we have started our R.E unit on Sacraments where they have been learning about Samuel anointing David and how Moses and Samuel were called to follow God in the bible.

In English, the children have been writing their first drafts of their non-chronological report on Grendel (the monster from our text driver, Beowulf!) – they will be going on to edit and publish these next week and we are looking forward to seeing the end products!

In maths, we have been doing some open ended investigations where the children had to use their knowledge of area and perimeter to solve some challenges.

We continue with our Viking work in History, focussing on the revolutionary design of the Viking Longship and how this enabled them to invade and raid several countries including ours. Ask the children if they can tell you the features of a Longship and how they helped the Vikings!

Image result for viking longship


We hope all of the children enjoyed their first transition morning with their new teacher, please look out for the parent mail which will give you further information.

Have a lovely weekend.

It’s July already!

As we enter the last few weeks of the school Year, Year 4 have been having lots of fun. We had a very successful sports day last week and it was lovely to see all of the children participating and cheering their teams – well done!

In literacy, we have been reading the text ‘Beowulf’ by Michael Morpurgo. The children have written some emotive diary entries in role as King Hrothgar – here is an extract by Nicolas (4HA):

Heartbroken. It’s the only word I can use to describe this terrible day. I sit here writing to you Diary as my hand shakes with fear and tears drip down in terror. The hellish monster has destroyed everything, even my strong warriors. I thought we would be safe but I failed. What am I going to do?’

Ask your children what the desperate King did next!

In maths we continue to do daily arithmetic with a focus on choosing the correct method to use to solve a calculation. We have also been working out the perimeter of shapes and using our knowledge of converting fractions and decimals to help.

There are lots of exciting things happening in the next couple of weeks including the Year 4 camping trip  which we’re all looking forward to!



Summer has arrived!

With the sun smiling at last, we have enjoyed a fun and varied week to end the term.

In RE we learnt about the significance of the story of Ram and Sita in the Hindu celebration of Diwali – ‘The Festival of Light’. The practice of lighting diva candles to mark the triumph of good over evil brought about some good discussion of the significance of light within different cultures. Children enjoyed creating their own colourful Rangoli patterns that are used to attract the Goddess Lakshmi into homes.

Following on from the brilliant BAE systems assembly, children have worked in small groups to create and advertise their own incredible robot designs in English. We had a great range of ideas from ‘Helpers at Home’ to ‘Robo Pilots’, all with ingenious features. The children did really well presenting their ideas to the class, engaging their audience with actions and intonation.

Maths this week has focused on developing children’s written methods for multiplication and division. Using practical resources and pictures, pupils have learnt the bus-stop method for short division and used this to investigate rules for divisibility. These rules state that a number will divide exactly by 3 if its digits add up to a multiple of 3. E.g. 66 will divide by 3 as 6+6=12, and 12 is a multiple of 3. Similarly, 234 will divide by 3 as 2+3+4 = 9 and 9 is a multiple of 3. Did you know that a number will divide by 9 if its digits add to 9? Maybe children could use their skills to prove this is true over the half-term holiday?

Have a wonderful, sunny and safe half-term. We look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 5th June.

The Year 4 Team

Our week in year 4

This week in RE we have been continuing to look at eternal life, inspired by the resurrection of Jesus. We have considered and discussed some key Catholic teachings around this, including how to get to Heaven.

In Maths, we have learnt about the commutative law (how changing the position of numbers in a multiplication number sentence does not change the product). We have used this to find the most efficient ways of solving multiplication problems involving three numbers. We finished the week by using our multiplication skills to scale up recipes – so if you need help cooking for a dinner party, ask your child!

Following an amazingly inspiring visit from BAE Systems last week, where they shared with us some very clever technology, this week in English, we have been creating our own robots. We have explored what makes an advert successful, and have been planning to advertise our own robot creations, which we will continue with next week.

We wish you a wonderful weekend, and look forward to seeing you. On Thursday, we are having a Science day exploring materials, their properties and how they change.

Team 4 :)

This week…

… Year 4 have been learning lots about the Saxon brothers, Hengest and Horsa in our topic and guided reading.

In RE, we continue to study Heaven; what the Bible tells us about it and what it looks like to us individually.

In English we’ve been working hard to add fronted adverbials into our work (phrases that give the reader a bit more information about where, when or how something happened). The driver for this was a short clip from the Nike advert featuring Ronaldo which lots of the children loved.

In Maths we have continued looking at shape and coordinates and will be moving on to multiplication and division next week.

In spellings this week we have been learning the rule for turning a verb ending in -d or -de into a noun by adding -sion:

explosion, division, collision, corrosion, conclusion, extension, comprehension, evasion, intrusion.

We wish you all a pleasant weekend! See you Monday,

Mrs Atkins, Mr Pratley and Miss Hill :)



Home Learning

For anyone looking to get a head start on next term’s exciting topic, The Saxons, please click the link below to download the related home learning pyramid. This will be printed and given to the children in the first week as well.

Saxons Home Learning

Happy Easter!

Team 4.

Happy Easter Holiday!

The following link will give you access to the most recent Lent reflection to share with your children at home.

Weekly Prayer

This final week has been a most exciting one, ending with 6C day, where the children took part in numerous activities around the school linked to people who help us in difficult situations. From learning CPR and the recovery position to orienteering inspired by Hampshire Search and Rescue.

This week we are also saying goodbye (temporarily!) to Mrs Stewart  as she leaves us to have a baby. We wish her and her family all the very best for this exciting new chapter.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and a restful break,


Team 4.