What a busy week!

   Well it has truly been a crazy, busy week in Year One! It started off by finding a map in the classroom on Monday! We weren’t sure where the map had come from or what we would find but it was certainly exciting! We generated some ideas of what we could find, then got out the shovels and spades, followed the map to the X and started digging! We couldn’t believe it, we found buried in the mud a very very old toy. It had a note from the little boy who buried it and information about the toy buried. In English next week we are going to create our own information page about a toy just like the little boy did.


On Tuesday we had the phonics workshop. Thank you to all parents who attended. We hope everyone who wasn’t able to attend received the powerpoint slides. You will also find in your childs bag phase 5 red flash cards and a list of potential games and activities you can use to do.

Also on Tuesday we had 6 children from our year group who took part in a racket skills tournament. Out of all of the other schools who attended… St Peters won!!! We are very proud of the team we sent to represent us. Well done Year One!

And last but not least, we have ended the week with a very special visitor. We have been very lucky to have Beryl, who used to own her very own toy museum bring in her collection of toys! It was such a surprise to the children who came back from assembly to find the classroom had turned into an old toy museum. Some of the toys that Beryl brought in were around 150 years old. She even let the children hold and play with these precious old toys! We are so grateful for her bringing them in and sharing them with us. Most people will never hold and play with such old and precious toys so we are very lucky.


Back to school

It was lovely to hear and see pictures of Year Ones adventures in the snow over the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who made it to parents evening this week. It was lovely to share what fantastic progress every single child has made in Year One so far.

This week our story ‘the way back home’ by Oliver Jeffers comes to an end. Tomorrow we will be writing our own versions of the story. Some children have changed the moon in their story to a star or even Hawaii! Others have changed the plane to a rocket and even a jet pack!

Something to practice at home- this week in our writing we have been using question marks accurately- you could practice writing questions about anything- as we know they like to ask  lots of questions! We have also been focusing on using ‘and’ to join our sentences together.

Next week in English is very exciting- we can’t give too much away. Ask your child on Monday what they have found.

In maths we have continued counting on a number line but this week focusing on subtraction. Next week we will be moving on to mass. We will be weighing different toys and using balance scales to help us reason which toys are heavier/ lighter.

Reminder- we have the phonics workshop on Wednesday 14th March at 10:30. It will start with a talk with Mrs Knight about the phonics screening  check and then you will be able to come down to the classroom to experience some of the phonics activities we do in school with your child.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year One team



Year One liturgy

Well done Year One, your liturgy this Tuesday was absolutely fantastic, we are so proud of you. Your lines were loud and clear, you all knew when it was your turn to speak and when to wait for the actors to get in to position. Actors, you all knew when to come on and the lines you needed to wait for- well done everyone.

Thank you to all family members who attended and were able to worship with us. Please see below some photos if you were unable to attend.


Year One poetry competition

Wow! We are amazed at the amount of children who took part in the Year One poetry competition. We couldn’t believe how many children stood at the front reciting all those very long poems- we are so impressed. Well done to ALL of the children who took part, it was so hard to choose just three of you to go through to the whole school competition.

Congratulations to

        Sophia Martin  Mostyn Mainwaring Julia Tomala

They are through to the next round! We wish them the best of luck!

End of term

We can not believe how quickly this term has gone! Sadly it means the end of our ‘tale to tell’ topic but it does mean the start of a new one- TOYS!

We will be exploring fantastic new texts, for example ‘The way back home’ by Oliver Jeffers. We will also be exploring the world of lego, designing our own mini figures and finding out about the lego factory.

When we come back from half term, we will start off in maths looking at 2d shapes. We will be focusing on the orientation of shapes and exploring if a shape is still a shape even if it isn’t in the traditional format the children are used to seeing.

REMINDER- Tuesday 20th February after half term is our Year One liturgy. It will be held in the school hall at 10:15. All family members are welcome (the children have made invitations) and we have sent home the children’s words they will be saying to practice. If these could be practiced over half term that would be great! If your child does not have words, it means they are an actor. They can give you a sneak peak of the liturgy by showing you their part.

Have a lovely and restful half term everyone,

Year One team

Year One learning

Another busy week in Year One!

We have been getting to grips with days of the week and months of the year this week in maths (sorry if you have heard the songs continuously in your homes- they’ve been stuck in our heads too!) Leading on from this, next week we will be focusing on telling the time. In year One we need to be able to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour. This is something you may want to practice at home. If your child can already tell these times then challenge them with quarter past, quarter to and five minute intervals.

In English, we have started our next fairy tale- little red riding hood. What do our tales have in common so far? A BIG BAD WOLF! Now we have heard from Mrs Phillips in the office that he is not happy about not getting the job at our school. We hope he doesn’t pay us a visit…

In year One we will be holding our year group poetry competition on Thursday 8th February. A first, second and third place will be picked across the year group and will be entered in to the whole school competition. If your child would like to take part, ensure they have learnt their poem off by heart by then and bring in props on this day if needed.

Reminder- On the 20th February at 10:15 it is our liturgy service in the school hall. All family members are welcome to come and worship with us.

Parents evening is the 6th and 7th March- check the newsletter for when online bookings will be available.

What have we been learning?

Well, we are blown away with the learning in Year One this week! They have worked so hard, well done Turtles and Pufferfish you have earnt a well rested weekend.

In maths this week we have introduced a new maths tool – dienes. We have used these to help us count in tens. We have been helping the bakers to solve maths problems- Did you know only ten gingerbread men can fit on to a baking tray?

Next week in maths we will be learning to tell the time. In Year One we need to be able to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour.

In literacy (you may have already seen Mr Cunninghams blog!) we found a letter from the big bad wolf asking for a job at our school! There was no way we were going to let that happen! We decided to write a persuasive letter to Mr Cunningham to explain to him everything we know about the big bad wolf and that we do not think it is a good idea! We hope that is enough to keep the big bad wolf at bay!

In phonics we are focusing on the various spellings of the sound-

ie       i-e      igh

Learning in Year One

This week our topic ‘a tale to tell’ has been linked to our maths and literacy learning.

In literacy we have been reading the ‘true’ story of the three little pigs as told by the wolf himself. Next week we will find a letter from the wolf – addressed to Mr Cunningham! I wonder what it could be about?

In maths we have continued our learning of counting in 2s but through money. We have told the children that if they can count all of the 2ps in the purses then the teachers can take our 2ps to the shops and buy some ingredients to make gingerbread men on Monday morning! Next we will be moving on to counting in 10s using baking trays of gingerbread men (you can only fit ten gingerbread men cutters on one tray)

In phonics this week we have been recapping these sounds-

e-e       ea        ee

Reminder- the poetry competition will be held in Year One the last week before half term. Plenty of time to keep practicing- booklets can be downloaded from parent mail if lost- if not ask the class teachers.