May Competition Winners

Year 3 Dragon Writing Competition.

We ran a competition especially for the year 3 children to run alongside their topic of dragons. They had to write a story or a poem about dragons and our top 10 were:

Islwyn Mainwaring, Aki Hurst, Beatrice Carter-Hall, Benita Byju, Carl Huxley, Eva Ng, Kian Marples, Siyon Joseph, Evie Moseley and Amelie Frost.

The overall Winner was Kian Marples.


The top 10 poems and stories will be displayed on the library display board for the next week. Please feel free to come and see them after school on Thursday or Friday.

Year 4/5 Book Review Challenge

Congratulations to all of the children that took part in the year 4/5 book review challenge.

A total of 71 Certificates and prizes were handed out and a huge 428 book reviews were written. This was an incredible achievement.

These are the children that completed at least 3 book reviews:

Lillie Churcher, Sigciniwe Dlamini, Molly Gray, Samuel Mpario,  Codrin Stan, Tia Abbinnett, Cassius Chambers, Liam Emery, Kyle Gardner, Joshua Hunter, Jasper Johnson, Emma Mpario, Hollie Nightingale, Lily Tan, Brooklyn Chambers, Kieran Chapman, Samuel Ford, Lauren Forssman, Anna Le Ngoc, Amelie Rowe, Gabriel Ryan, Onjoro Sumba, Joshua Tony, Lee Huxley, Rebecca Atkins, Sophie Cunningham, Dylan Dunaway, Saoirse Lehane, Jeffrey Mamman Mathew, Skye Nichols, Lexie-Mai Orley and Wendy Wheatley

The following children continued even after they completed all 12 book reviews:

Skye Nichols completed 16 book reviews

Jeffrey Mamman Mathew completed 19 book reviews

Rebecca Atkins completed 25 book reviews

Codrin Stan completed 27 book reviews

Lexie-Mai Orley completed 31 book reviews

Lee Huxley completed 38 book reviews

Joshua Tony completed 43 book reviews

Well done!!!

Year 2 Book Review Challenge

Year 2 children had the opportunity to take part in the book review challenge this term. To complete the challenge, children had to read at least 3 books and write a review about each one.

For 3 book reviews the children received a pencil. For 6 book reviews the children received a packet of colouring pens and for 12 book reviews they received a prize of their choice.

Congratulations to the following children for completing the book review challenge:

3 book reviews: Albie Brough, Promise Mndzebele, Daniel Ostrowski, Amelie Booth, Ruby Browne, Nicole Chen, Maddison Gissing, Hollie King, Ryan Smith and Ethan Tinsley-Jones.

6 book reviews: Chloe Hunter, Francisco Joshy, Aston Lewendon, Filip Machedon, James Watson and Chloe Brown.

12 book reviews: Eva Hirmiz, Faith Martin, Roberta Ouato, Esthermaria Shibu, Isabel Thomas and Tilly Horton.

Well done!


First library blog

Hi and welcome to our first library blog.

Wow, what a busy month it’s been for the library.

Firstly, we had World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. The whole school dressed up and the children were able to choose their own World Book Day book to take home. I spent the day reading some of my favourite stories to the children which included “The Twits” by Roald Dahl, “Horton H
ears a Who” by Dr Seuss and “Little Rabbit Foo Foo” by Michael Rosen.

On Friday 3rd March we had a visit from authors Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore. Their hilarious presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by the year 6 children and they had the opportunity to buy a book and have it signed by the authors.

On Friday IMG_2409 blog17th March we had a visit from the authors of “Supertato” Sue Hendra and Paul Linnett . They spent the whole day at St Peter’s. Firstly they created workshops for our year
2 and year 3 children, then they met with IMG_2420 blogthe children that wrote and illustrated “Supertato – Classroom Chaos” and even signed copies of “Supertato Hap-Pea Ever After” for those children and at the end of the day they presented their Supertato show to all of KS1. I think it was fair to say that the children loved it!

IMG_2435 blog

The children in 2L were inspired to write their own stories.

In between all this we have had the “Hampshire Picture Book Awards” for year 1 and the “Hampshire Illustrated Book Awards” for year 4.

We are currently running a book review challenge for year 2 and we have just started a reading challenge for year 6.

Thank you to everyone for helping with all of the events this month.