6 children from Year 1 and Year 2 will be taking part in a Football Festival in October which will be held at Southdowns College, there will also be an opportunity for 10 children from Year 1 to participate in a Tri-Golf Festival which is being held at Horndean Technology College. These are great opportunities for the children, they have always thoroughly enjoyed these events. They will always receive a certificate, which is usually given out in Golden Leaf. Sometimes there are medals for the top 3 teams.

Headteacher’s Blog

Welcome back to the new term!  It’s amazing to think that we are already half way through September, especially when the wonderful weather for the start of term has made it feel more like July … in sunny Spain!

I have been amazed by just how much the great children of St Peter’s are able to cram into their school days.  So far, in just the first 8 days of term, we have had whole school worship and a whole school Mass celebrated by a very lively Fr Kevin, two Golden Leaf assemblies where Summer Reading Challenges and Show Stopper pieces of writing were also celebrated, and the first of six assemblies to remind the children of the importance of our 6 C’s – this week led by Mrs Knight who focused on courtesy.  Amazingly, these very special gatherings are all completed by 9.30am, and then the pupils go to class to start a busy day of hard work, super learning and fantastic progress.

During the first ‘full’ week of the school term, we have welcomed into our community some very smart, very curious and very excited Reception children.  Their part-time induction carries on for another week before spending full school days with us from Monday 26th September onwards.  Meanwhile, both Year 3 classes have visited Butser Ancient Farm, and thanks must go to Mr Austin, Miss Honeywell, the support staff and the parent volunteers who have enabled such exciting off-site learning to take place.

Here’s hoping that summer lasts just a little longer.

Mr R Cunningham


End of a school year

That’s the School Year nearly over and it’s been a great year for sports events. We have had Yr 5 & Yr 6 Football, we were lucky enough to have three great managers to help out with these events, a huge thank you to Mr Ponsford (Site Manager), Mr Parker and Mr Murdy (Parents).
Children from all year groups have managed to participate in at least one sport event this year which have included Quadkids, Dance and Tennis. Having the school mini bus has been a huge asset.

Once the new school year starts in September I’ll be able to organise some more events that we will be able to attend. It’s a great opportunity for the children, which they thoroughly love.
Have a wonderful summer
Mrs Spicer


The 5th Annual Inter-School Scooter Challenge is coming up straight after half term.  It’s your chance to win our School a new Scooter pod.  One lucky child can also win a day out for their family!

More than 10,000 children have taken part in the Scooter Challenge since 2012.

Be Safe and follow a few simples rules:

  1. Pedestrians have priority on pavements.
  2. Stay close to your parent/carer.
  3. Keep away from the Kerb.
  4. Where a helmet and bright clothing to ensure you can be seen.

Good luck every one :)



St Peter’s Press Gang Award

On the 29th January, 2 year sixes Nela, Eloise 2 year fives Joseph, Jessica and 2 year 4s Camille and Jacob competed in a press gang competition with 6 schools as well held at Crookhorn. We had to interview 6 students learning at Crookhorn which had 6 stories. 1 a school closing down, 2 a new planet found, 3 a girl gets a job in East enders, 4 a new creature is found 5 the youngest pilot and last of all someone who ate 64 cream eggs in a minute.  Then we had to be like a news reporter and write a newspaper from this we one and got a certificate each and one a trophy for the school because our school won.

Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week 16th – 20th May.

Our School is supporting this event.  Your child will be bringing a leaflet with details of the Walk to School week, it would be great if as many children as possible could support this event.

Summer term sports events

This half term there are quite a few sports events being held at different venues.

26th April – Y6 Girls Football League, these matches are held at South Downs Astro Turf after school on various dates.

26th April – Y4 Tennis Tournament.

13th May – Y1 Tag Rugby, this event is held at Portsmouth College during school time.

23rd May – Y3 Quadkids, held at Havant Academy playing fields during school time.

23rd May – Y5 Quadkids, held at Havant Academy playing fields during school time.


Home Learning Year One

Hello Year 1
We hope you have had a fantastic week at school and have enjoyed all your learning.
On Thursday we were very lucky to welcome the author Peter Bentley into school who shared his wealth of books and his passion for writing with the children and many visiting pupils from nearby schools.
This week we have been writing instructions for how to make some traditional toys like a cup and ball and a game of magnetic fish. The pupils wrote fantastically and used so many of their sounds that they have learnt. Thank you for every time you practise these at home, it really does make a difference!
This week, as part of our Home Learning, we would like you to have an extra week to practise those Year 1 words you were sent home with last week. There are almost 40 words to read and write so keep going! Year 2 words are also available for all you keen spellers!
We hope you have a fantastic weekend!
The Year One team

Year 4 Aquasplash

On Friday the 25th February 12 children from Year 4 went to the Mountbatten centre to do a swimming competition, called Aquasplash.  We swam lots of races and participated in lots of other activities, such as Mushroom float. (Where you tuck your knees up and float).

We all had tons of fun although 2 events were cancelled :(

When we finished swimming, the people running it told us we came 5th out of 11th and we were all very, very pleased with ourselves.  We would all rate it 10/10!


By Samuel Clarke Class 4A

Up coming sports events

Year 5 Football League starts is about to start, we have 2 teams entering this year.  The Silver League’s first match is Tuesday 1st and the Bronze League’s first match is Tuesday 8th March.  Each Team will have 10 players, which is a great opportunity for year 5 football players.

 Wednesday 9th March – Year 5 Girls Tag Ruby at Havant Rugby Club.

Friday 11th March –  we have a team entering the Hampshire Schools Primary Relays at Waterlooville Horizon.

Friday 11th March – whole school Skip2be fit, which is always great fun.