St Peter’s Press Gang Award

On the 29th January, 2 year sixes Nela, Eloise 2 year fives Joseph, Jessica and 2 year 4s Camille and Jacob competed in a press gang competition with 6 schools as well held at Crookhorn. We had to interview 6 students learning at Crookhorn which had 6 stories. 1 a school closing down, 2 a new planet found, 3 a girl gets a job in East enders, 4 a new creature is found 5 the youngest pilot and last of all someone who ate 64 cream eggs in a minute.  Then we had to be like a news reporter and write a newspaper from this we one and got a certificate each and one a trophy for the school because our school won.

Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week 16th – 20th May.

Our School is supporting this event.  Your child will be bringing a leaflet with details of the Walk to School week, it would be great if as many children as possible could support this event.

Home Learning Year One

Hello Year 1
We hope you have had a fantastic week at school and have enjoyed all your learning.
On Thursday we were very lucky to welcome the author Peter Bentley into school who shared his wealth of books and his passion for writing with the children and many visiting pupils from nearby schools.
This week we have been writing instructions for how to make some traditional toys like a cup and ball and a game of magnetic fish. The pupils wrote fantastically and used so many of their sounds that they have learnt. Thank you for every time you practise these at home, it really does make a difference!
This week, as part of our Home Learning, we would like you to have an extra week to practise those Year 1 words you were sent home with last week. There are almost 40 words to read and write so keep going! Year 2 words are also available for all you keen spellers!
We hope you have a fantastic weekend!
The Year One team

Making a splash at St Peter’s

Cafod Assembly

Thank you so much to all the pupils and staff at St Peter’s Catholic Primary in Waterlooville for welcoming our Education Volunteers, Isobel and Patrick Flynn, earlier in the week for a special school assembly.Patrick told us

“As it was Tuesday, we asked what was special about the day. There was a sea of hands and we were very impressed that the response was “Shrove Tuesday”! We explored the relevance of Shrove Tuesday and the reason why we have pancakes.

“Another practice undertaken on Shrove Tuesday is the burning of last year’s Palm Fronds and Crosses to make the ashes that will be distributed on Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent.”

“We then explained that this Lent, CAFOD was asking us all to think about the issue of water and we began by asking the children what water is used for in their homes and what might happen if they didn’t have safe, clean water.”


cafod Assembly2

Patrick and Isobel then talked about Charlie, who lives in the North West of England, and Nadopun who lives in Uganda (shown above).  Charlie’s family had to boil their water last year because there was bacteria in their water supply which would have made them sick if they drank it from the tap.   The problem only lasted a few weeks but for some children around the world, not having fresh water is a constant problem.

Nadopun is 9 and lives in Uganda. She likes going to school with her friends and watching films. Patrick and Isobel explained that Uganda is in the East of Africa and that it’s a beautiful country, however 9.2M people there do not have access to safe water. That’s one in every four people in the country! The shortage of water is down to the lack of access to water in remote areas and the changing, unpredictable and increasingly dry climate.

Crookhorn College Mathematics Olympiad 2016

On Friday 29th of January 5 students from year 5 participated in a maths challenge at Crookhorn college. There were 7 schools there. At each table we had 3 minutes to complete two tricky questions. There was one main question and one bonus question. It was really fun but also very hard ; you had to use your brain a lot. St Peters came 3rd place – we won a certificate and a medal .The good thing is we all had fun and tried our best!St Peters1v1St Peters3

Bug Club Reading Challenge KS1

Well done to all our Key Stage 1 children who completed the Bug Club reading Challenge! They all read 10 books over the Christmas Holidays…Well Done!

blog photo- bug club- edited

Bug club reading challenge!

The children were challenged to read 10 books during the Christmas Holidays.

Here are the children celebrating their success at completing the challenge in the Key Stage 2 Golden leaf assembly.

Well done to you all!


Rita the Lollipop Lady

Rita has been a lollipop lady for 30 years. 30 years of helping us get to and from school safely. Rita may have helped you or your relatives cross the busy road. You could have seen her when you are driving. She is an amazing person. Anyway, she retired on the 18.12.15 and at St Peter’s we gave her best wishes for her new future and her retirement. We also gave her some cards. Year 5 put lollipops that they made and stuck them on their card. St Peter’s are really upset but happy for her. We will really miss her but we hope that she has a great future in the world.

Written by Emily Polley and Megan Alexander 5C



Bird Feeders Galore!

A MASSIVE well done to those who have created a bird feeder for the Woodland Trust fundraising competition- the entries are incredible! We have had really creative feeders from all classes in the school and have seen some incredibly innovative ideas which are already being enjoyed by feathered visitors in the courtyard.

A KS1 and KS2 winner will be announced on Wednesday during our attendance assembly so make sure your entries (and donations) are in ASAP!

Thanks to all who have entered so far.

Miss Moncreaff, Athene and Tilly

Share-A-Bird Project


Share-A-Bird Project

In October, St. Peter’s were lucky enough to receive a bird from Elsie Green, a fine artist from Chichester.

For home learning, children were asked to create their own bird. Today Elsie came to visit and see all the fantastic birds the children have created.

What an amazing flock of creativity!